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These award-winning short stories by Jacqueline Winn will have you laughing, crying and simply wondering at the extraordinary lives of ordinary people. 

Meet the hilarious Irene, who murders her husband with a toilet plunger, and the tragic Xiao, whose only home is a bare stretch of city pavement. Experience the joyful release of Simon the henpecked husband and the chilling entrapment of the teenage girl bound by the sinister loyalties of a cult. Enjoy the tender romance of shy Donald and be touched by the lifelong grief of the mother who loses a child. 

Once More With Feeling will take you on a journey of the imagination that celebrates the wonderful diversity of human life and cannot help but leave you looking at the world through different eyes. 

Once More With Feeling is published by Ginninderra Press and is available in all bookstores. It can also be purchased via direct mail as below:

Send cheque or postal order payable to Dorande Pty Ltd 
AUS$24 (plus $3.00 per book postage in Australia), 
5 St Peter’s Close, Possum Brush, NSW, 2430, Australia

To find out more about Jacqui, visit her website at: http://www.jacquelinewinn.com/

Also by Jaqueline Winn and published by Ginninderra Press:


Jacqueline Winn's second anthology is another rich assortment of short stories guarranteed to amuse one moment and touch your heart the next.


Enter the lives of the fishing couple on the jetty in The Raw Prawn, the daughter of a Vietnem veteran in In Flames and the alchoholic woman who forgets her knickers inGracie. Experience the publishing scam of The Venus Diaries and the chilling fate of a murder witness in The Last and The First. Cry with the goose lady in Necessary Betrayal and laugh with the eccentric sisters selling their goats in Salt & Pepper.

All of these stories have won literary awards in Australia, New Zealand, Britain or Ireland and have been published in anthologies and literary magazines all over the world. This is a collection sure to leave a lasting impression.



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